About Us

Hello there, I’m Edwina and my husband Alfie and I run Optimum Image Photo Booths. We have 2 wonderful children all under age 6 and we are live in the Hampshire area.

A few years ago my husband decided to get into the photography business. With much excitement we went out and bought the best camera we could find at Harrods( Canon MK III 5D). My husband suggested the idea of building our own photo booth although he is not your typical DIY sort of guy.

After several months of research we found a photo booth that met our criteria. We ordered the booth and Optimum Image Photo Booths was born. Almost immediately we began booking events and our customers loved the quality of the photo booth and the photos. Our photo booth is elegant and will look the part at the most luxurious events. We’ve had our photo booth in the homes of celebrities and have done weddings at private estates. I know what it’s like to plan a wedding, birthday party and other events and all of the decision making and hours spent on making sure it’s perfect.

That’s why I’m here to help you with your photo booth rental, from making sure the photo strip graphic is perfect, to creating a beautiful photo scrapbook and insuring your guests have the time of their lives. It wasn’t long ago that I was planning my own wedding, trying to find the best vendors, browsing countless websites, sending out emails and making calls. Some vendors would get back to me, others wouldn’t, trying to trust they were going to arrive on time and so on.

Give me a call or text at 07540 315996 or drop me an email at info@optimumimage.co.uk and we’ll talk photo booths.